Find out what’s in the packaged food you’re eating and help make healthier choices for you and your family.

Get immediate, easy-to-understand information about packaged food products as well as a list of similar foods that are healthier choices.

Each product you see in FoodSwitch has been rated using either a colour-coded ‘traffic-light’ labelling system or the new Health Star Rating system. It’s easy to see at a glance how healthy a food is!

You can then save this information to a healthier shopping list and share with friends and family.

Food composition is ever-changing and every day we make updates to ensure the information behind the FoodSwitch website is as current as possible. The information here is the best available to us and has undergone quality control. There may, nonetheless, be some errors and if you spot one please let us know using the ‘Problem?’ button underneath the product in question. We will make the fix and include it in the FoodSwitch website as soon as possible.

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Make FoodSwitch your pocket companion when at the supermarket or on the move with our smartphone app.

Use it to scan the barcodes of packaged food products for the same useful, easy-to-understand information at your fingertips.

Easy Diet Diary

Need help managing your weight? Use Easy Diet Diary to track what you’re eating quickly and easily – just scan the food barcodes or search the extensive Australian food database. Then keep tabs on the energy you’re consuming in kilojoules or calories, as well as other nutrients. Fine-tune what you eat to help reach and maintain your weight goal. Easy Diet Diary is free from the Apple App Store. More>

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